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4 Smart Ways to Afford Expensive Phones Without Breaking the Bank

With popular smartphones from brands like Apple and Samsung costing close to $1,000 or even higher, affording these gadgets has become harder even if you budget wisely. And even if you can afford the phone you want, you may not want to have to spend all that cash at once.
These rising prices can make you think twice about upgrading to expensive phones and make you turn to cheaper phones that lack the latest features you want. The good news is that you have options that will make getting the best phone much easier.

Read on for four ways to afford an expensive smartphone without hurting your wallet.


1: Sell or Trade Your Old Phone

Unless you plan to still use it or give it to another person, you can sell or trade in your old phone and put that cash toward the new one. The money you can get depends on how old, popular, and functional the device is.
If you buy the new phone through your carrier, you can often trade in the old one at the time of purchase. Otherwise, you can look into selling it on auction sites, community groups, or websites that buy gadgets.

2: Find Deals Through Your Carrier

Carriers often have offers that can get you a discount on a new phone. This may be upfront or through billing credits.
If you’ve thought about switching carriers, know that you could get a better deal on an expensive phone as a new customer. So, do your research.

3: Get a Used or Refurbished Phone

As long as you don’t mind waiting a bit, you could save some cash with a used or refurbished phone. You can find these through third-party marketplaces, manufacturer’s websites, or local stores.
In any case, check that you get a warranty on the device. A return policy also comes in handy just in case the phone doesn’t come as described.

4: Consider Loans As a Last Resort

If you still need help affording the latest smartphone, consider loans with caution. You’ll want to make sure you don’t end up with unaffordable payments or high interest since these can lead to more financial trouble.
You can often pay for your expensive smartphone through installments with your carrier. These get added to your cell phone bill and often come interest-free for a year or two.
Other sources like your local bank offer personal loans that can help you buy a phone. You can also find lenders for government employees and other groups of borrowers.


Buy Expensive Phones in the Smart Way

Along with using these tips to afford expensive phones, it helps to come up with a savings strategy several months before your purchase. This will help you avoid turning to loans and give you more flexibility in your budget so you can get the best tech.
For example, simply saving $20 a paycheck for several months may help you pay for the phone outright. You can also look for ways to cut existing expenses in your budget or earn a side income.
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