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Go Exploring: 4 Outdoor Weekend Ideas

Are you constantly looking for new things to do outdoors on the weekends? Why stay stuck inside the house when there are plenty of fun adventures waiting for you just outside your door? Spending time outdoors is also a great way to boost your mental health, so finding things to do outside whenever you can is beneficial for you in more ways than you might know!

For a list of the best outdoor weekend ideas, continue reading below. Here’s a list of a few fun things to do outside at home. 

1. Start a New Garden

Although there are many great outdoor activities to explore away from home, there are some fun outdoor things to try right in your own backyard. One of those things is starting a new garden. When starting a new garden, you can decide on a few things. 

You can either plant a flower garden or a vegetable garden. Start collecting various seeds and begin planting them. Make sure to choose native plants if you’re a beginner and understand how to protect your veggies from critters that’ll like to munch on them.

Once your garden begins to blossom, you can pick your harvest and use your veggies and herbs in your home. 

2. Schedule a Horseback Riding Tour

When’s the last time you went on a horseback ride? It’s time to start conducting some research. See what horseback riding tours are located near you and schedule a tour. 

You don’t have to be an experienced horseback rider to schedule a tour either. Many local ranches that offer horseback riding tours have tours available for beginner riders. It’s a fun, unique way to spend the day outside of the house. 

3. Plan a Picnic in the Park

A picnic in the park is an excellent way to spend the day outside without having to put in much effort. Pack a lunch bag with easy finger foods like sandwiches and healthy snacks. Don’t forget your water and other beverages as well. 

Bring a sheet to sit on or place over a picnic table. Enjoy your meal while bird watching or flying a kite. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy nature on the weekend. 

4. Go on a Nature Trail Hike

Going on a nature trail hike is not only a great way to get in some daily exercise, but it’s also a good way to enjoy nature and spend time with family. After finding a nature trail near you that you want to explore, think of how you want to explore it. Of course, you can always go on foot, but there are many other ways to enjoy a nature trail.

Consider taking electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and anything else that can help improve the overall experience. Bring the entire family with you to enjoy the trail. Keep points for each animal spotted to make it a game and have fun.

With the Best Weekend Ideas, You’ll Always Have Something to Do

When the weather’s beautiful and the entire weekend is ahead of you, why spend it sitting inside? Choose from some of these best weekend ideas to start planning the ultimate outdoor weekend. 

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